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Hello, I'm David A. Peterson and I would like to welcome you to has been a private portal for me since around 1999. 

This website has always been used as a place for me to keep the web links that I use on a daily basis. In the beginning I was more interested in how to develop websites and all of the components like HTML, DHTML, Databases, etc that went into those website. So I started collecting links that I would use weekly, if not daily.  Most of the original web links can still be found by clicking here

The site kept growing and visitors started coming. Nowadays I still treat like a private portal but I am cognizant that others are also interested in the links. My main focus is small business; specifically Internet Home Businesses.

What I notice as I surf the World Wide Web that is when you search for small business information you get a bunch of stuff. It's very hard to sift through the stuff to find real information. will not solve all of your small business needs but I do try to solve all of your small business selling needs. 

At heart I really am a salesperson. My entire career has been spent either as a salesperson or a sales manager. 

I have been in Corporate America most of my career. I have been a Retail Salesperson, a Retail Manager, an Outside Sales Rep, and Outside Regional Sales Manger, and Inside Sales Rep, and an Inside Sales Manager. 

I have also had the lucky experience to own two home-based businesses. One of those businesses in the mid 1980's crashed quite quickly. The other one has been up and running for about 5 years now and has surpassed over $1,000,000 in sales. 

I made so many mistakes with JDP Digital, Inc that I am surprised that it is still up and running. However by our 2nd year we were a real business paying real Federal, State, and Local Taxes. I am very proud of the Home-Based Internet Business that I created and have written an ebook about my adventure. 

That ebook is now on its third edition. If you are interested in a home-based business please learn from my mistakes before you begin. Read Been There - Done That. If you ask me nicely I may even send you a free copy.

I have since turned JDP Digital, Inc. over to my family and returned to Corporate America. I do have to spend some time on JDP Digital, Inc. each week but my real love is writing. More specifically I like writing articles that help people succeed. However the only real topic that I know is Sales. So I write a lot about sales and sales techniques.

I am a Sales expert. By sales expert I mean that I teach it, coach it, do it, and live it. By the time I hit my mid 40's I could teach anyone how to sell and I can make the "natural" salesperson hit their actual potential.  

I have been writing sales articles for several years. Eventually they will end up in an ebook. I already have the title: Open, Probe, Pitch, and Close - David A. Peterson's Home-Business Selling Guide. 

All of the articles I have written are currently available at no cost. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The sales cycle
  • How to Open, Probe, Pitch, and Close
  • Overcoming objections
  • Marketing vs. Selling
  • How and Who to follow-up with
  • Advance selling techniques such as building trust quickly

You can find a full selection of these articles here.

I'm having trouble right now getting the ebook under 200 pages. Who wants to read a 200 page book on selling? My ultimate goal is the get the ebook under 4 hours. In other words, it may take a long time to learn all of the nuances to selling but if I can teach you the basic selling techniques in under 4 hours or in one sitting then I feel I have accomplished my goal of helping your business succeed. 

Too many home businesses fail not due to effort but because once the owner has found a prospect they don't know what to do next. The next part is to sell the prospect and convert them to a customer. Then the next - next part is the convert that customer into a repeat buyer.

If you already know all of these sales techniques then you are probably rich. But - the rest of us learn these as we move through life. 

If you are interested in home-based sales and sales techniques I  have a free newsletter (subscribe top right hand corner of this page) available to you on a weekly basis. I typically get the newsletter out Tuesday morning. 

Again, welcome to I hope you enjoy the site and I really hope you succeed in your home-based business. 


David A. Peterson

David A. Peterson

Author of: 

Been There - Done That

David Peterson's Search Engine Optimization Guide

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