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David Peterson's Search EngineDavid Peterson's Free Search Engine Optimization Guide for the Beginning Webmaster Optimization Guide for the Beginning Webmaster

Starting a Free SEO program (Free Search Engine Optimization Program) does not have to be difficult. You just have to know the steps to take to be successful.

What will a successful Free SEO program give you? 

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program's sole purpose in life is to delivery targeted web traffic. In a nutshell if you properly optimize your website the SEO program will give you free web visitors.

I struggled with Pay Per Click engines for years. These PPC companies like Overture and Google can definitely drive targeted web traffic. There is only one major problem:

You have to have a lot of money to be in a top search engine ranking!

As a small businessman I saw my own PPC (pay per click) bills start at $600/month per site. I was certainly getting the traffic but I was losing all of my profits. 

This is what Pay Per Click Search Engines are good at:

  1. If you bid high enough you will get a high ranking in the search engines.

  2. You can get extremely targeted traffic.

This  is what Pay Per Click Search Engines are bad at:

  1. Your competitors are also clicking on your PPC entry! This is costing you money and they know it! They just keep clicking.

  2. 80% of people that hit your site will leave almost immediately. Do you really want to pay for that click? These visitors didn't even make it off your home page.

The bottom line: As a small businessman I was spending all of my profits on Pay Per Click Advertising! There had to be a better way. 

There is!

It didn't take me long to learn that I needed a better method to advertise with the search engines. I had always heard about optimizing web pages using the SEO method. After years on the web I thought I was doing exactly what the search engines wanted with no real results...

Then I noticed something. I noticed that one of my pages was ranked very high with a popular keyword search term. 

When I noticed that this page was ranked high...

  • I started studying my own web site and this particular web page.

  • I studied how my search engine competitors set up their web pages. 

  • I read 100's of Ezine articles and eBooks on the subject.

  • I took control of my search engine advertising budget by learning the SEO process.

You need to take control of the SEO process as well. 

  • Are any of your web pages ranked on the 1st page of a listing? 

  • Are you going to sell products on the web that require relevant targeted traffic?

  • How do you expect to be found with millions of sites competing against you?

Don't worry. You can have a successful Search Engine Optimization program. I have studied this type of program for years. Even better I know how difficult the web can be for a new comer such as yourself. All of these terms and acronyms are enough to make you puke.

A successful SEO strategy should drive targeted web visitors to your site. It should completely eliminate your PPC advertising costs for your optimized keywords.

Now there is a winning Internet strategy -  More visitors for less money!

David Peterson's Search Engine Optimization guide for the Beginning Webmaster is given away free when you purchase a copy of Been There - Done That : The 15 mistakes you must avoid when starting your home based business.

Our SEO guide is written in easy to understand language. There are many screen shots in it so you can see exactly where you should be optimizing your website's HTML. 

Here are the topics in David Peterson's Search Engine Optimization Guide for the Beginning Webmaster:

  1. What changes to your site need to be made.

  2. Why these changes to your site need to be made.

  3. Where do you place these changes, with actual screen shots.

  4. How to find Keywords that can be optimized.

  5. How to research your sites keywords.

  6. Your sites content vs. the search engines.

Give your advertising budget a break. Learn how to optimize your website so you can start receiving the visitors that you need to succeed. 


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David Peterson

Author of: Been There - Done That

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