Selling vs. Marketing

Marketing vs. Selling - You need to know the diference between the two.

What is the difference between selling & marketing?


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Selling vs. Marketing – Is there a difference?

© 2007 David Peterson

I hear these two terms used interchangeably and when I read I see these two terms used interchangeably. Selling and Marketing… Are they the same? Should you even lump them in the same category?

If you are looking to start an Internet business you have probably read some dramatic headlines like “No selling involved,” and my favorite “little or no investment needed!” Let’s break these down into our selling and marketing columns.

In the selling column we have the tasks that an entire professional population of salespeople does everyday. Those tasks are: Open, Probe, Pitch, and Close.

These tasks in the selling column require you to seek out and actually speak to the prospect. This will either be done via the phone or face-to-face.

There is no wiggle room here. If you are selling then you need to be in front of the prospect interacting with them. You will be determining the prospects needs and then trying to maneuver them into wanting your product. Selling is a science that can be learned. For more on Open, Probe, Pitch, and Close read this free article on the subject.

The marketing column is completely different. Marketing is the method of building initial interest and then keeping that interest in your product.

To build interest marketers first spend a tremendous amount of time trying to figure out what the typical prospect looks like. “Looks Like” translates into the prospect’s demographic profile.

The best marketers have a strong analytical background with a flare for writing good copy. The point being if you can write a strong sales letter, place that on the Internet, then drive the correct demographic population to that site you should be able to build interest in your product.

Notice I said “build interest” not “sell” your product. The role of the marketer is to get the prospect as close as possible to making a decision. To be fair you will get a sizable amount of prospects that will take the plunge and purchase without ever speaking to a human. We call these prospects the “Low Hanging Fruit.”

By the time you are deciding on your future Internet business the low hanging fruit will probably be all picked. You will have to learn how to sell.

Now that we have established the terms let’s return to the dramatic headlines, No selling involved, and my favorite, little or no investment involved. Here is what they really mean.

No Selling Involved: If you get immersed in this type of business expect expenses. The website and business you purchase will rely heavily on marketing. Marketing cost money. You will be purchasing both qualified leads and some type of pay per click advertising. Both leads and advertising have significant hard costs associated with them. With a straight marketing play you will need a specific type of person to hit your site in order to convert them to a sale. If you try to use a shotgun approach and don’t focus your marketing efforts you could quickly go broke.

Little or No Investment Needed: If you see these words expect to sell. Selling doesn’t cost anything except your time. Selling does require that you know the sales process and that you are not afraid to use that process. Selling means that every prospect that you come in contact with has a right to hear your pitch. That prospect can become a customer or a member of your organization if you can establish the customer’s needs. Selling is time consuming, it requires patience, and you will need to be able to handle rejection. Rejection is inevitable.

When searching for your business opportunities look out for these terms: Selling and Marketing. They are two completely different words. You are going to have to perform either one of these tasks and probably both to be successful in your Internet business. Make sure you have a complete understanding of which of these two terms you will need to concentrate on before purchasing your new Internet business.


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