People want to be sold - so follow up!

People have needs and they want to be sold

How to understand that people have needs and they want to be sold.


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Please, I want to be sold!

2006 David Peterson

Sales is not that hard. As long as you have a decent product that you believe in then you can be assured that there are people out there who need a product just like the one you are offering. To put it simply if someone wants your product you might as well sell it to them. In fact there are people out there who want your product very badly, they just need to be sold. 

It's often said that the easiest person to sell to is another salesman. As a salesman myself I want to be sold quickly. Although I want to be sold quickly I am listening to your sales pitch and your sales process. If I brought you into my home to be quoted then you have the sale you just have to close me. However to get that sale you still have to practice selling.

Selling is a trade just like any other occupation. There are rules. You have to cold call, prospect, set appointments, open, close, probe, listen, determine need, pitch, qualify, get time frames, check budgets, get to the decision maker, trial close, follow-up, referrals, etc. 

Wait - did I write "follow-up?"

True story - I need gutters. They are leaking. My wife has told me to go find a gutter company. So naturally I procrastinated for a year. Now they are really leaking and I am a motivated buyer! So motivated that I actually listened to 3 different cold calls from gutter companies (cold calling works). All three gutter companies are very reputable. I sat through three gutter pitches of at least one hour per representative - now if that isn't motivated nothing is! I also called a 4th smaller company that has done work in our neighborhood. The 4th dealer did not make me sit through a long sales pitch however he had other faults (late to the appointment - like a day late).

The pricing for all 4 companies was fairly close so it did not factor into the sales process. What did figure into the process was delivery, color, quality and a little piece of mind. So, if I am running after you before you get into your car to make sure I have the right color picked out then I would call that a buying signal (Gutter Guy #3). Who got the job...

Gutter Company #4. Why? Because they followed-up. After Gutter Guy #3 did not call me back asking for an order I was pretty frustrated. Gutter Guy #4 was really late for his appointment so I had completely discounted him. However in my hour of desperation, thinking that I'm going to have to find Gutter Company #5 and listen to another 1 hour pitch from another Gutter Guy --- the phone rings, it's Gutter Guy #4 FOLLOWING UP! My wife and I jump for joy. We have someone who wants to work on our house.

Sales is not about how well you pitch, or are you cold calling, or even price vs. quality. Sales is a process, a trade, a career. If you want to be successful selling anything then you have to follow the rules. Follow the process. Do not leave out a minor detail like following up with your prospect. The bottom line...

Practice the selling process or find another profession because you may starve to death. Work the sales process completely and next week we can write about referrals because the gutters on my neighbors house are worse than mine! Guess what - he wants to be sold too! He just does not know he wants to be sold until you call and suggest the new gutters. People have products they need, you sell products they need - so don't just pitch, go sell.


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David Peterson

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