How to get an ebusiness started?

How to get an ebusiness started?

Do you know how to get an Internet Home Business off the ground?


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How to get an ebusiness started on the World Wide Web?

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Iím David Peterson and what I like about being an ebusiness writer is that I get to help people move their businesses from a mere idea to the World Wide Web. I get to help them move from ideas in their head to ideas that actually sell. The really cool part is that I donít get to meet most of the people using my techniques and strategies. They just pick up my free pamphlets, read my ebook, or glance at my free newsletter. 

One of the major obstacles that I have noticed in the setup of new ebusinesses is that future entrepreneurs just donít know where or how to start. These budding businesspeople donít know where to focus their efforts. They may have an idea, they may be looking for additional income, or they may just be tired of their current job. Whatever the reason for this entrepreneurship their efforts just need to be focused. Their optimism for an ebusiness needs to be funneled in the right direction. 

This article is going to focus on the steps needed to setup a simple ebusiness. These are just the beginning steps needed to get your ebusiness off the ground. Once it is up and running then you need to read an entirely different set of articles to make your ebusiness successful. 

Step #1: Pick a product that you would like to sell. If you have some knowledge about a particular product and some passion for the particular product then that should be your 1st choice. The best place for you to look is your current hobby. If it is a hobby like golf, think about clubs, balls, towels, magazines, bags, carts, shoes, etc. Whatever the hobby the list of products to sell is probably endless. Most entrepreneurs stumble right here Ė they never pick a product to sell. I have just the opposite problem, I canĎt stop thinking about products to sell. 

Step #2: Pick anyone one of the products above and go to an affiliate website and pick an associated company that produces that product. Most product manufacturers want you to help them sell their products. They set up the mechanism for you to sell their products on your website. The beauty of the affiliate system is that the manufacturer handles the transaction. All you have to do is send your customer to their website and if they buy you get paid. Here are some examples of where to find those affiliate manufacturers:,, and

Step #3: Go find yourself a prepackaged template website. I recommend or but there are literally 1,000s of different web hosts that have template packages that you can choose from and each one of these are already located on the World Wide Web. The reason I want you to get a prepackaged templated website is that if you donít you will waste a lot of time trying to make your site look just right. Also you will waste a lot of time trying to get your site onto the web. Experts have already designed sites that look just right donít try to outsmart them Ė these sites allow you to just type in your content about your product. These prepackaged templated websites are designed to get you on the World Wide Web quickly, within minutes. You donít need any web expertise; the web hosting company has done that for you! 

Step #4: Go to Googleís Adwords or Yahooís Sponsored Search and setup an account. This is called Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) focuses on paying for certain keywords that your customers will use to find your website. It is the absolute fastest way for you to get your website noticed on the World Wide Web. This type of advertising isnít cheap but it doesnít have to be expensive either. Pay Per Click advertising is very quick and very effective. If you donít do this type of Pay Per Click advertising you will be just one website sitting in the middle of millions of other websites. Imagine trying to find a single sandwich store in NYC without a phonebook or map to guide you to the storeís location. As you get more experienced on the subject of Internet advertising we can discuss Search Engine Optimization and a thousand other things but for today letís get your site recognized on the World Wide Web by paying for specific keywords on Yahoo or Google.

The 4 steps above are all that you really need to get your ebusiness idea from the concept stage and onto the World Wide Web. My object here is to get you started. As an entrepreneur you know you want to get started but you may not know the steps. I have given you the 4 basic steps to getting your idea setup as an ebusiness. All of the steps above can be accomplished very inexpensively. I have laid it out for you Ė itís your turn to take that 1st step.

Good luck on bringing your ebusiness to the World Wide Web!


David Peterson

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