The 15 Mistakes, written down so you don't have to make them!

The 15 deadly home business mistakes written 

down so you can avoid them! 


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Been There - Done That

Here are the 15 mistakes. Each one has it's own chapter. Some of these mistakes it took me years to learn and correct! Some of them I actually made more than once!  

My goal in writing this ebook is to not just point out these 15 Mistakes but to show you actual case studies on how they happen. 

More importantly than pointing these mistakes out is showing you how you can avoid these same problems.

1.    Build it and they will come.

2.    You can build it for free.

3.   You can design it yourself.

4.   No one else has this idea.

5.    Traffic will increase every month.

6.   Advertising costs will be low.

7.   You will make money.

8.   You will not have to talk to customers.

9.   You donít have to sell.

10. Things happen instantly on the Internet.

11. You can focus on more than one product.

12. You donít have to keep store hours.

13. Every product sells on the web.

14. You donít need a plan.

15. You donít need a goal.  

After putting businesses on the Internet since 1997 I have learned my lessons - FINALLY

I wish I had the opportunity to read Been There - Done That before starting my 1st home-based business.

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Been There - Done That





This eBook is filled with actual case studies that will show you the mistakes that can happen when starting a business. Why make these same mistakes that I already have made ! Save yourself the time, energy, and money.


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