Selling Technique - Don't Waste your Prospects Time!

How can you quickly recognize a prospect from a suspect?

How to quickly recognize a  sales suspect from a sales prospect.
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Selling Techniques Ė Donít waste the prospectís time!

© 2007 David Peterson

When prospecting through your list of suspects you may have to engage 100 people or more before you find a solid prospect. That is a lot of people but it is also a reality of many businesses. This reality includes home-based businesses, MLM networking businesses, and general product sales.

So if your goal is to hit 100 suspects in a row how do you go about staying sane in the process? How do you stay sane and also keep the suspects and possibly prospects harmlessly moving about their day?

You stay sane by remembering the golden rule: Donít waste your future prospectís time.

In the sales process of open, probe, pitch, and close you are required to start asking questions right after your opening statement.

Those open ended probing questions are used by you to determine if the prospect has the needs that your product can fill. Those probing questions are open ended to keep your prospect from just answering a yes or a no. They are open ended so you can get your prospect in a conversation.

To keep yourself sane during your 100 calls you have to quickly determine if you have a suspect or a prospect. The easiest way to do this is to only ask probing questions to those people that will give you the ďtime of day.Ē I like to call these people that will give you the time of day Ė happy customers. They may not actually buy your product but they will at least give you the chance to open, probe, pitch, and close.

A good rule of thumb is out of 100 calls that you will make today maybe 10 prospects will give you the time of day to speak to them at that moment in time. Of those 10 maybe two will eventually buy from you. That is a 2% close rate but it is a 20% close rate of actual prospects. The other 90 people were not prospects at all, they were suspects.

Whatever your close rate is (you should know this number) you have to spend your time talking to people who want to talk to you.

Donít throw away your list of the other 90 people. Just donít waste your time or theirs by time trying to get them engaged into your sales process today. With that group of suspects just try to close for future contact.

Here is a good example of closing a suspect for future contact:

Mr. Jones it doesnít sound like you would be a good fit for my network business at this moment; however would you mind if I periodically send you out informal information?

Why didnít the other 90 people want to talk to you today? It could be a variety of reasons; none of them have anything to do with you or your product.

Life is happening to your prospect today.

Here is a short list of why they donít want to participate in your sales process today:

  • Their car didnít start.
  • Their dog died.
  • Their boss is stressing them out.
  • Their bank account is overdrawn.
  • Their project is past due.
  • Their co-workers are annoying them.
  • Their baby is crying in the background.

You get the picture; itís not you causing them not to get engage into your sales conversationÖ its life.

You may have the perfect product for all of the situations above but at THIS moment in time it may not be an appropriate time to talk.

Donít waste your time or their time with a pitch. Recognize that you have the perfect product for their situation and close for future contact.

Take the other 10 people that will give you the time of day and begin your open ending probing questions. Move this group from the suspect stage to the legitimate prospect stage.

Now if you canít get any of the 100 people to talk to you then you have an opening statement problem. It really is you and not life causing that problem.

If you spend your time talking to the 10 people that will want to talk to you then you will begin to enjoy sales. You will gain confidence that people really want and need your product. You will actually begin to close sales.

If you spend your time forcing probing questions on people who really canít spend the time with you today then I will give your business a 1 in 1,000 chance of succeeding. Your failure will probably come from you giving up, not from the number of actual prospects there are for your particular product.


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