Credit Freeze

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To Freeze your credit at the three major credit agencies go:


  • Very easy you don't need anything to get this done.
  • Hard to impossible to unfreeze with out the 10 digit PIN they mail you. Call 888-298-0045 to get a live voice - but they will not unfreeze it without the PIN!
  • Go ahead and get your mortgage account number and a couple of credit card numbers as verification.
  • To Unfreeze log in to you will need your PIN to unfreeze the credit.
  • Experian will ask you questions at the end to verify your entries like what county do you live in etc.
  • To permanently remove a security freeze, log on to or call 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742). You also may send the request to: Experian Security Freeze, P.O. Box 9554, Allen, TX 75013 and include all of the identification information listed above. You will need your PIN!